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    MQL Suite is a product that has revolutionized the way to see a normal MT4 platform. These are not just words, but a reality that as a broker I can confirm through the feedback provided by customers.MQL Suite really offers you the possibility to improve your trading and to have clear ideas on what to trade and how to approach the Forex and CFDs. All of this thanks to the interfaces that speed up the analysis and the choices of the trader. From an organizational point of view, the MQL Suite staff is simply excellent. Every request for support and / or assistance is processed within a few hours and the customer is always able to return to operating in the markets in no time. Finally, the research and development department, fundamental for a company, is constantly evolving, periodically updating the equipment offered.MQL Suite can easily be defined as an essential decision support for all MT4 users.

    Davide Calabrese

    Italy Country Manager, Infinox

    The team is competent and available and offers a valid support to the trader’s operations. What was created with MQLSuite is not just a tool but a package of solutions suitable for every single need of the trader. The team’s commitment is evident from the carefully inserted details, starting from the settings of the different profiles, from the interpretative easiness to the support and assistance provided to avoid leaving the trader abandoned to himself. The staff provides an excellent support for training, analysis and assistance to well understand the methods of use, market reading and problem-solving of MQLSuite. Invention even more ‘extraordinary as accompanied by the satisfaction of the customer who uses it.

    Michela Pantuso

    Italy Country Manager, ALB Broker

    MQL Suite is an extremely useful tool that allows you to monitor the trend of all markets simultaneously at any given time within your MT4 platform. It has significantly improved the quality of monitoring and reduced the time needed. MQLSuite is a package of tools useful for both the novice and the more experienced traders. The feedback from our customers is absolutely positive, both regarding ease of installation and use, and how the tools have implemented their trading activity. Excellent assistance, always punctual and precise.

    Constantinos Zenonos

    Head of Dealing on Own Account, TopFX Broker

    MQL Suite helped us to increase the conversion of leads to clients and It is now a stable part of the services offered to our clients. MQLsuite is one of the few to offer tools for Metatrader5 and is the only one to offer such a vast and varied arsenal the MQLSuite staff is truly an inexhaustible source of ideas. Our customers are really enthusiastic.

    Cristina Leone

    Italy Country Manager, xProTrade Broker

    EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/JPY – Analisi Tecnica – 13/12/2018

    EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/JPY – Analisi Tecnica – 13/12/2018

    Tutte su le  Borse europee in avvio di seduta, con Piazza Affari salita grazie alla spinta delle banche. Lo spread scende. Le Borse hanno reagito con un altro rialzo all’ultima notizia positiva riguardante i rapporti tra Cina e Stati Uniti: sono ripartiti gli acquisti...

    GERMANY 30, US 500 – Technical Analysis – 12/12/2018

    GERMANY 30, US 500 – Technical Analysis – 12/12/2018

    The Milan Stock Exchange is rising, thanks to the boost of the oil and public utility companies: Ftse Mib index + 0.6%, Dax 30 + 0.6%, Cac 40 + 0.8%. EQUITY AND COMMODITIES BTP at 3.06% yield, from 3.11% yesterday. Bund at 0.24% (+1 basis point). The highlight of the...

    GERMANIA 30, US 500 – Analisi Tecnica – 12/12/2018

    GERMANIA 30, US 500 – Analisi Tecnica – 12/12/2018

    La Borsa di Milano è in rialzo, grazie alla spinta delle società del petrolio e della pubblica utilità: indice Ftse Mib +0,6%, Dax 30 +0.6%, Cac 40 +0.8%. AZIONARIO E COMMODITIES BTP al 3,06% di rendimento, da 3,11% di ieri. Bund a 0,24% (+1 punto base). Evento clou...

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